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He hates pics…lol

Day almost done and I’m still smiling!
#Bored #breaktime #itsraining

West Palm Beach,
Do it BIG!

I cannot be
where you are now
but the pain
this distance creates,
serves only to intensify
my desire to be with you.
Know I’m thinking of you.

Just once. I want to feel unconditionally beautiful.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You're obv a chick or a gay HAHA
beautiwithin beautiwithin Said:


Hi there! There’s no way to know my gender based on my poetry because I almost never write as the narrator of the poem, you’ll notice that I write about loving boys and girls, however I’m not bisexual. I write poems about miscarraige, fat shaming, and discrimination against different sexualities, all of which I personally have never experienced. A good writer can write from hundreds of different perspectives, and empathize with hundreds of different people! I understand the confusion though, sometimes it is easy to think the author is the narrator, but theres no way to tell my gender just based on my poetry subjects, sorry!

True story

If only you wouldn’t walk away,
You would know that all this is for you.
Every late night, early morning
If only you would stay,
You could feel me roll over to touch you.
I’ve cleared out a place for you.
I’ve dusted the shelves of my heart.
Just hear me out.
I’m ready to love you now.
If you would just look into my eyes,
You could see the icicles melted away by the warmth of your touch.
A lifetime of hopes and dreams
And picket white fences.
You could see all this, we could be all this.
Just stay.

Just a drop of sunshine

This has been a public service announcement. #justholdon